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March 2018 Customer Satisfaction Score

At A2Z Business IT, we take pride in our ability meet our client's needs.

When a business suffers from computer issues most will call their computer repair company. If they are lucky they will then find their call routed to a dispatcher who creates a ticket and then puts them into a queue to get to talk a technician within a few hours. This creates unnecessarily long wait times which just adds to the frustration that a Business owner feels when they are calling in for help.  As your Managed IT Department We believe you need to talk to the person who can fix your problem, and get you back to running your business as quickly as possible.

When a client signs up for our Ultimate care program they can get ahold of  Technician directly when they call in. We call this "Live Answer " That means when you call for support you get a hold of Technician. Not the dispatcher. We staff our Helpdesk  24/7. Most IT service providers who say they offer 24/7 support say they have someone “On Call” for nights and weekends.  We know on "On Call is not the same as fully staffed so if you need support at 3 am on Saturday you can get a hold of live Technician.



Last Month Live Call Queue

During Business Hours 8 am to 8 pm for the month of March 2018

Total Calls Answered: 2,845 | Average hold time 19 Seconds | Average Call Time 8.59 Minutes | Time Outs .30% | Total Time Outs 10

After Hours and Weekends

Total Calls Answered: 314 | Average hold time 15 Seconds | Average Call Time 9.15 Minutes | Time Outs 9% | Total Time Outs 30

Customer Satisfaction Score in last 30 Days 99%


As proud as we are of the results we still see places to improve after hour Times Outs % for example. 

The Question you need to ask your self -Is your current Westchester NY Computer repair company proud of their Customer Satisfaction Score?