Are you planning to hire resources who can work remotely? The idea of working remotely was growing steadily over the past many years. COVID 19 effect has grown its trend in a short period. It is becoming a new norm all over the world. In all circumstances question arises how it can be managed. Handling remote workers or remote teams is not an easy task as it might seem.

No matter whether you are running an organization of 50 employees or 500 employees, managing your resources is an essential and effective role to successfully run your business. Therefore Connections and collaborations are most important while implementing the idea of working with remote workers. Let’s discuss some essential and best practices for managing IT services with remote workers.

Essential and Best Practices for Managing IT services with Remote Workers

1. Build Connections with team members

A good relationship at work helps you in engaging and maintaining high employee engagement. So allow your team to engage and encourage them socially to connect with their team whenever possible. It helps in building their relationships and helps to boost them up.

2. Communication

Communication is the most important factor in everything you do. Communication must fall regularly and flow freely. Whenever you hire a remote employee to create good and open communication channels it helps the remote worker to feel welcomed and part of the organization. There are various communication modes through which you can share the information with every employee working remotely or onboard. The communication can be held via

• Emails, Text Messages, Phones, Hang out, Video Conferencing (Individual Communication)
• Microsoft Team, Project Management Software’s (Team, Project Discussions, Project Updates)
• Schedule meetings and adjust timings when important things need to be discussed.
• Screen Sharing, Video Calling

3. Team Collaboration

Make your Remote employees feel special and part of the organization. Help them to feel comfortable being a member of the organization and not as a left one employee once hired. Collaborate remote employees with team members which helps them to feel a valuable employee. It can be challenging but right worth it.

4. Be Responsive

When you are wrong with remote employees always be available and responsive. Don’t make your physical distance as a lag in communication. Respond promptly and quick response makes you feel both as you are working at the office only.

5. Face to Face Interaction

If your remote worker is living somewhere near you catch them up for lunch or coffee in a nearby restaurant or coffee shop. Schedule and arrange meetings at public places for different activities or to discuss something very important.

6. Accessible Meetings

Invite and involve your remote employees in every virtual meeting to stay connected. It helps in building and strengthening the work relationships. Make sure that meeting stays for a long time, camera angels should be accurate and mics work properly for better communication and understanding.

These strategies can help you in managing your remote workers work effectively and efficiently.