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If it’s digital, it is using, producing, and transmitting information.

Knowing how to access, analyze, and utilize that digital information is key for the company that wants to understand it’s operations on a granular level and grow them on a global scale.

The information that can be gleaned from digital sources within and outside of your organization goes beyond the hard data of text, audio, and video and can include sensory and contextual information as well.

The internet of everything produces and utilizes the information of everything!

The A2Z Business IT team utilizes strategies and technologies to show the relationship of data from diverse data points, and that data’s significance to your organization.

Information that was once isolated, incomplete, unavailable or unintelligible. However, analysis aggregation, classification, and analysis tools have come a long way.

What does that mean for your business?

It means that what was once a tsunami of information can now be harnessed and leveraged to bring optimization to your organization.

Big data helps your business take advantage of both internal data and enrich it with external information to give you better insight and a broader perspective for simple decisions as well as high-level directives.

The A2Z Business IT team knows that you rely on data.

That’s why we make big data look easy!

Make better, smarter, real-time, data-driven decisions that will change the way you handle your operations and market your product to the world!

Our Approach

Want to lead your organization in a confidently utilizing big data? We’ll guide you in implementing big data strategies that will help grow your organization today and prepare it to face the future.

Our Services

Get the data, processes, analytics tools, and visualizations your company needs to enable dependable real-time insights with our Microsoft Big Data Solutions.

Big Data Services

The A2Z Business IT team has put together a superb set of Big Data services that will bring your company the information and insights you need!

  • Big Data Management
  • MS-SQL, Azure, and other industry leading solutions
  • Data visualization

Big Data Analytics

Looking for predictive analytics, text analytics, and visualization software? Want to be able to analyze huge amounts of data quickly? We make it look easy!

  • Real-time analytics
  •  Predictive models for better forecasting
  • Integration of Multi Data Sources
  • Data Discovery

Big Data Applications

  • Heterogeneous data sources utilized to extract, transform, and load data
  • Data association custom application development
  • Data workflow management and  data authentication
  • Visualization and reporting of data
  • Big Data tool stack evaluation and identification
  • Dashboard Services- with trending and alerts on key performance indicator
  • Straight reporting for easy to digest and drill through analysis

How we can Help

  • Real-Time Analytics Tri-state Area

    Target more sales through cross/up sell

  • Implement and track in real-time loyalty programs

    Real-Time Analytics Westchester
  • Real-Time Analytics Connecticut

    Improve customer lifetime value

  • Improve customer retention by improving or developing customer engagements.

    Data Analytics Solutions Connecticut

Our Advantage

  • Data Analytics Solutions Westchester

    Experience in working with large corporate clients

  • In-house talent with real-world expertise

    Data Analytics Solutions Tri-state Area
  • Tri-state Area Business Real-Time Analytics

    Capabilities in merging traditional analytics and next-generation analytics

  • Our Customizable code is open for your teams to view and modify as needed

    Westchester Real-Time Analytics

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