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Guide your decisions with business information that you can see, analyze, and understand.

Many Business challenges can be overcome by leveraging Business Intelligence. Business Intelligence makes use of real time numbers and reports in sales, marketing, HR, billing, and other business areas where data is collected and measured.

If you have the ability to collect and accurately analyze the thousands of points of data produced internally and externally through your business, you can make the right choices for your business and gain a competitive advantage.

An integrated business intelligence strategy that includes the collection of Business Intelligence and Data Warehousing allows you to drive business forward and discover hidden trends.

But it’s about more than making the right executive level choices…

Business intelligence is about giving the right information to every individual in your organization so they can be more efficient and productive.

What is Business Intelligence?

It’s the applications and practices that will give you a better contextual understanding of your business, competition, and economic environment. By providing you with the capability to view, analyze, and understand business information, Business Intelligence equips you to benefit from previously unused – but useful – data points.

Business Intelligence & Data Analytics Approach

The fast pace of today’s global marketplace makes Business Intelligence an essential driver for your company.

That’s why you need the A2Z Business IT team on your side!

We have the Business and Data Analytics staff that will help you make sense of all the moving parts that make up Business Intelligence.

Our team has the experience to differentiate between hot trends in Business Intelligence and the strategies that will actually give you a return on your Business Intelligence investment.

  • Business Intelligence Westchester

    Business Intelligence Consultation

    • Architecture consultation
    • Data governance consulting
    • Data warehousing
    • BI maturity assessment
    • Technology recommendation
    • Data strategy roadmap and
  • Business Intelligence Connecticut

    Data Migration

    • Data migration
    • Technology upgrade
    • Database version upgrade
    • Database platform
  • Business Intelligence New York

    Data Validation

    • Data validation
    • Data cleansing & testing
    • Data quality
  • Business Intelligence New Jersey

    Tool-based Implementation

    • Database: SQL Server, Oracle, DB2,
    • ETL: SSIS,Custom ETL
      development, Cub
    • BI, Reporting, Analytics: SSAS, SSRS,
      Cognos, Crystal Reports& BO
  • Business Intelligence Fairfield County

    Enterprise Data Warehousing

    • ETL design and development
    • Integrated data model
    • Master Data Management (MDM)
    • Dimensional modeling
      Data mapping
    • Meta Data Management
  • Business Intelligence Bergen County

    Data Visualization and Reporting

    • Standard reports
    • Self-service dashboards
    • Executive dashboards
    • Collaborative BI reporting
    • KPI metrics, data discovery & analytics
    • Mobile BI

Business Intelligence capabilities built into SQL Server 2016

Utilize the transformation of complex data sets! We will show you how to benefit and use powerful data models based on relevant data stacks to gain insight and set your business apart from and ahead of the competition.

  • Migrate to the cloud without disruption to your ongoing business processes.
  • Make use of existing on premise IT investments with hybrid solutions.
  • View all your information in one place by pinning paginated report items to a Power BI dashboard or connect to on-premises data from Power BI without the need to move data to the cloud.

Want built-in mobile Business Intelligence capabilities? SQL Server 2016 delivers!

Utilize our Business Intelligence solutions to deliver business insights and manage user access and shared data sets in one unified place. We’ll give you access to insights and intuitive reports that are optimized to your choice of platform – desktops or mobile devices.

SQL Server 2016 R Services

Looking for scalable in-database analytics that can be deployed on-premises, in the cloud, or in a hybrid environment?

We integrate enhanced algorithms to accomplish these tasks for you!

Leverage the power of advanced Business Intelligence analytics to where the data lives.

  • Develop customized, agile, and interactive analytics dashboards and deliver them across multiple devices (laptops, tablets, mobile devices).
  • Facilitate the sharing of analytics dashboards via embedding into web applications, web portals, and documents.
  • Develop rule-driven protocols that enable you to strictly control the visibility of and access to your sensitive information and data. Allows you to put your business analytics into the hands of the right people at the right organizational levels.
  • Understand the impact of having real-time access to mission-critical information.
  • Leverage the skill sets of an entire Business Intelligence team. – Business Analyst, Business Intelligence Developer, Data Analyst, Data Architect, Data Engineer, Data Integration Developer, DB Developer, Project Manager, Reporting Analyst, Solutions Architect, Systems Analyst, and Test Analyst.
  • Utilize OLAP Cubes that provide a rapid analysis of data that overcomes the limitations of relational databases.

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