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How to Support Employees While They Work from Home

In its first survey about remote working, Gallup reported in 1995 that 9% of the work force telecommuted a few days per month. Fast forward to a quarter century later, as of mid 2020, the percentage of Americans who telecommuted was recorded ...

7 Reasons Why Your Business Needs to Move to the Cloud

There's growing acknowledgment that businesses will benefit by moving to cloud based solutions. Outside of the IT department or broadly read general managers, there is some confusion as to what is prompting this consensus. Three major impulses are cost, market ...

Manage IT Services for Offices with Remote Workers Work

Are you planning to hire resources who can work remotely? The idea of working remotely was growing steadily over the past many years. COVID 19 effect has grown its trend in a short period. It is becoming a new norm ...



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