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Your business would grind to a halt if your staff couldn’t effectively share files.

Those documents, spreadsheets, and databases are essential to your workflow and productivity. You are already sharing files, but are you doing so in a manner that promotes collaboration and embodies pure efficiency?

The BIG PROBLEM with many file sharing options today is that they simply aren’t secure. Sure, it’s relatively easy to give a flash drive to your colleague or to upload the file to a consumer-grade free file sharing service, but neither option gives you business-class security. In this day of mounting incidents of cyber intrusion, these outdated methods only leave your company vulnerable to criminals and open to legal liability.

A2Z Business IT has the solution! It’s the modern, efficient, collaborative, and secure way to share your business’ files.

Ever try to figure out which copy of a document – that everyone else has edited already – is the most recent version? Frustrating isn’t it? A2Z Business IT takes all of the guessing out of the equation by keeping files and folders in sync across virtually every device.

Want to share a file with someone outside of the organization? We can enable you to do it easily and securely!

We utilize industry leading solutions to give you the customized file sharing experience your business requires.

What makes our file sharing offering the best file sharing solution on the market?

  • file-sharing solution security

    It has comprehensive, BUILT-IN SECURITY!


    File-sharing Solution Westchester
  • Westchester file sharing service

    Roll back to an earlier saved version

  • It has a 99.9% UPTIME!

    Connecticut file sharing solution
  • file sharing solution Connecticut

    It has nearly every MOBILE DEVICE COVERED!

  • It has MORE FEATURES than your favorite, insecure, consumer-grade file-sharing solution!

    file sharing service Connecticut
  • Tristate Area file sharing solution

    It has INTEGRATION with your current IT!

  • It has the ability to ERASE DATA from lost or stolen devices!

    Tristate Area  file sharing solution

A2Z Business IT file sharing experts have put much time and attention into making our file sharing solution the finest file sharing solution available. The features and security precautions that are “baked in” set the pace for the rest of the industry.

Are you ready for a truly secure, completely synchronized, business class, file-sharing solution? Call the A2Z Business IT team now at (914) 821-5660 or send an email to info@a2zbusinessit.com

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