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Traveling Abroad as a Business Professional: Protecting Your Data

Introduction As a business professional traveling abroad, you face unique challenges, especially regarding the security of your data and trade secrets. In the digital age, the risk of data theft is as ...

Exiting employees taking things besides their last paycheck?

It's eye-opening to learn that about half of employees might take important company info with them when they leave. It's a friendly reminder of ...

Why Uber's Network Breach is a Problem for Everyone?

If Uber can be breached what can I do to protect my business? 🔐As your trusted advisor 👨‍💻 I make it easier for you to sleep at night 🛌 knowing that ...

Hackers get customer data from Apple and Meta

According to a Bloomberg article, Apple and Meta turned up user data to hackers who imitated emergency data request requests routinely ...

What are the Benefits of Backup and Disaster Recovery Services?

Data is such a mission critical component of most businesses today that the era we are in is referred to as the "Information Age." Computer connectivity, processing speed, telecommunications and distributed access must be continuously reliable in the face of ...

People Are Paying Ransomware Attackers In Large Numbers In 2020

Hackers have increasingly gravitated to ransomware attacks in 2020, as being one of the best and most reliable paths to a payday. That brings to mind an interesting question though. Naturally, the ...

Top Reasons Why Your Business’ IT Security is Crucial

                        Do you know every 39 seconds a hacker tries to access the data in the US? This cyber-attack leads to a lot of loss to individuals as well ...

FBI Sheds New Light On Ransomware Tactics

According to a recent FBI alert marked "TLP: AMBER," businesses should be on high alert for ransomware attacks. The alert reads, in part, as follows: "Since January 2019, LockerGoga ransomware has targeted ...



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